Monthly Archives: January 2010

Teeny AVR Media Thing – the Nanotouch

How small can something get and still be useful? This little experiment uses a 96×64 OLED display with a click screen interface that may not be useful, but at least its fun.

Like the last project, this uses an 8 bit AVR. This time it is a Atmega32u4 that is cheaper and smaller than the Atmega644p used in the last project and has 32k flash, 2.5k RAM and full speed USB in hardware.

The screen itself is a beautiful little thing that uses a SSD1332 controller. These can be found on ebay, I have also seen them in China for $2. They are fragile – if you build one of these yourself you might want to buy a few spare screens or wait until I redesign the board so it does not need to flex as much.

The screen sits on 4 tact switches that provide input to the user interface. Movies and UI transitions are streamed from a microSD card.

The 3D demos are an homage to the brilliant yoomp  and of course to John Carmak for establishing the whole first person shooter cultural phenomenon.

Schematics, PCB and source code on Sourceforge at