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  1. Dillon


    This may seem strange but did you present at the 2015 Hackaday superconference?
    I’m trying to get in touch with the presenter but cannot I track down their name.


  2. Gil Tal

    Hi Rossum
    I am Gil from Intel
    I am part of Intel’s maker’s community and running a maker’s university course.
    I have designed a platform based on the ESP32 for the course.
    Lately, I have been playing around porting all kinds of emulators to the platform.
    On the way, I have come to deal with many projects that did not work or needed lots of work to fix major issues.
    Then I encountered your ESP_8_BIT project, I must say, you did a remarkable job!!! First, the technical aspects for the video and audio were handled Ingeniously, Bluetooth support is an amazing achievement, the code is of very high quality and looks very clear.
    I personally prefer the Arduino SDK (I am actually working with Visual Studio and the Visual Micro plug-in) which is much easier to compile and load.
    Would be happy to get in contact and discuss technical Issues with you 🙂


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